Ricky van Broekhoven

Ricky van Broekhoven designs sound and music that exceeds perception with merely the ears. He explores the realm of design and architecture through sound. By using natural forces and processes, unique objects and immersive environments are shaped. He sees himself as a designer, researcher and musician. His spatial interventions are a visual essay on sound, and is therefore on the cutting edge of sound design and spatial design. Van Broekhoven graduated in 2012 at the Sandberg Institute in Amsterdam with a master' degree in Interior Architecture. 

Audiograph, 2014
Inspired by the seismograph, van Broekhoven created a device that depicts subterranean colliding of tectonic plates, and conveys the energy of sound into movement. As it makes it’s drawings, the ephemeral character of sound becomes rendered into visual memories of music.  CNC cut polished aluminium, custom made mechanical components, laser cut paper, black and white ink.

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Sonoscope, 2016
Music is made of hidden waves. In this work van Broekhoven transforms music into an immersive spectacle. It uses the energy of sound to generate patterns in a water basin. Through a lamp and carefully positioned lenses it creates a captivating light projection. The transparently designed installation works purely mechanical and shows the miraculous physics of sound. It makes listening to music a spatially engaging performance. CNC- cut polished aluminium, custom made laboratory glass.