Margaret Noble, Homemade Time Machine, 2016

Margaret Noble, Barrier Cures, 2016

Margaret Noble, What Was What Is What Is, 2014

Margaret Noble, A Score for conversation, 2014

Margaret Noble

Margaret Noble primarily creates interactive sculptures with multi-sensory experiences layered in sound and gesture. She designs these sculptures with a diverse array of materials using archetypal and experimental forms and inhabit these shapes with electro-acoustic sounds and tactile controls so that they come alive with intimate, participatory moments. Through visual, sonic and kinetic interplay, she provokes questions about contemporary identity and human relations, incorporating public and private histories from the narratives left behind by families, media archives and technology.

Noble plays with time travel as she moves between generational influences, historical myths and the future. Her ongoing artistic research in this body of work is titled 'Conduits'. Through informal archeological investigations, 'Conduits' capitalises on the challenges of memory, perception and gesture. These works are designed to immerse audiences in artefacts of public hierarchies, private traumas, miscommunications and conflicted identities. These ideas are invoked by tactile gestures and ephemeral sonic moments. As animated objects, these sculptures transform space and place for the participant as they navigate their own comfort levels, the sounds they perceive and the relationship between these ideas.

The interplay between the various media and the participants’ responses emerge as spontaneous narratives told through relational aesthetics. Noble’s artworks use many access points to create unique and personal time-based experiences and these moments shift and vary with each participant’s interaction. She explores how we understand meaning and context through our experiences of interconnected media.

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